Our Vision
" An Environmental Experts Association which functions efficiently in mobilizing all communities, Government and non-Government entities, to be proactive in reducing environmental vulnerability to various adverse impacts, hazards and provides an effective, coordinated, National post impact response."
Our Mission
"To coordinate and facilitate professional environmental practitioner’s activities at the community and National level, in order to enhance environmental management and empower sustainable development."
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Upcoming Events

RAPEP will participate in the forthcoming Umuganda scheduled on 28th May 2022 to be held at Gikondo Wetland as one of the activities to launch the National Environment Week 2022

RAPEP in partnership with RMB will carry out activities aimed at raising awareness on implementation of Environmental and Social Management Plans(ESMPs) in the Mining Sector on 31st May 2022

Celebrating the World Environment Day (WED) 2022 WED. Theme for the year 2022" Only One Earth "

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