The Rwanda Association of Professional Environmental Practitioners (RAPEP) is a Professional Association Established by Law No 36/2016 of 08/09/2016, and the Association members are Environmental Practitioners licensed to operate in the Republic of Rwanda

All these proved difficult to be achieved without appropriate legal framework until 2012 when the law No. 26/2012 of 29th June 2012 was established and enacted by the Parliament. This will not only be used as a tool to achieve the targeted goals but also will be a forum to harmonize engineering services and activities within the country, the East African Community and the world at large. Art. 6 of the said law defines the responsibilities of RAPEP as follows:

  1. To gather environmental assessment practitioners

  2. To analyze and find solutions to all problems related to the environmental assessment practitioners’ profession

  3. To promote professionalism and proper conduct of members of RAPEP

  4. To exchange information relating to the environmental assessment practitioners’ profession

  5. To represent the interests of environmental assessment practitioners and advocate for them in Rwanda and abroad

Mission & Vision

The RAPEP’s mission is to coordinate and facilitate professional environmental practitioner’s activities at the community and National level, in order to enhance environmental management and empower sustainable development.
An Environmental Experts Association which functions efficiently in mobilizing all communities, Government and non-Government entities, to be proactive in reducing environmental vulnerability to various adverse impacts, hazards and provides an effective, coordinated, National post impact response.
Download Law Establishing RAPEP